[Paying Instaly Consistently] Geniuscapital.net HYIP or not they are paying and making improvements frequently

Here’s more reason why you should invest with this HYIP Geniuscapital. They’re basically new 3-4 months the most and has been paying its members instantly and consistently, including me that is. Today Geniuscapital released this news below. They have openned a chat room, where members of Geniuscapital can come in and chat, off course it’s controlled and Moderator GCL in red are there all the time.

I would give a lot of credit for Geniuscapital, whoever created that website is very robust, very nice professionally design. Best of all Support are there all the time 24hrs a day. I highly recommend everyone to invest in this HYIP now, and I mean now before it’s too old and too late like topcapitalist. This is a good alternative to other HYIPs including coingeneration.com Digitalgeneration DG CG, IPUServices.com, and coinbeez Highly recommend geniuscapital as replacement or alternative to others one. Geniuscapital has been paying and consistently paying, and make improvements and enhancement to web functionality all the time, again best of all, support is always green.

If you join the chat room of Geniuscapital there will be daily price winning $10 for anyone whom answered trivia questions correctly! just like that and get instant $10.

From: Genius Capital Limited <[email protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Subject: GCL launches its own Chatroom – talk with other members, earn prizes & more!


Communication with our clients has been always our priority. Our customer service department works 24/7 to cater your needs.

Today we have made a big step forward to promote the transparency and relationship within the GCL community. Our programmers have recently developed a real-time online chat for our customers to meet each other, share their success stories at GCL and ask questions directly to the GCL staff. Moreover, in the nearest future we plan to organize live events with attractive prizes to our customers for participating and so on.

Here is a little more information about the chat itself. First off, currently it is not yet available 24/7 due to introduction period and analysis. You may locate an interactive chat button when you are logged in at the top-right corner. If the button is there, it means chat is running and feel free to take a seat as well by clicking on the button. You may sign into the chat using your Facebook or Twitter account or simply entering as a guest is also an option.

Few rules though:
1) Discussion only in English language and regarding GCL project;
2) Advertising any other investment project will result into a permanent ban;
3) Be nice and friendly to other members 🙂

To sum it up – GCL team consists of actual people (yes, not just robots and hardware, LOL) and we’re willing to establish a connection with our customers and between them.

Yours Sincerely,

Ralph Bancroft (Director)
Phone: +1 888 333 0480