[Paying Instant] Long life expected for professional design website HYIP geniuscapitalist

With the fact that topcapitalist.com is shutting down, becoming a scam now. Geniuscapital emerged with new design but still have that feeling of being on topcapitalist. Geniuscapital again will have the same life expectancy of topcapitalist. So all whom invested with topcapitalist should consider investing on Geniuscapital now before it’s too late, don’t wait 3 years later like today with topcapitalist.

I’ve been with Geniuscapital for about over a month and they’ve been paying instant and as expected as promised. I have also been with topcapitalist but got in late and noticed strange behavior so I didn’t invest much because it look like a scam, it will be a scam. Do not pay attention to the news posted on their website all of a sudden. Meaning that they would say, faster and more secure website, more growing greater than ever, office moved to a bigger building. Those good news are most of the time for HYIP to lure more new investors or existing investors to invest more, while topcapitalist withdraw cash to their bank and cash out and run away while the site still up but no support.

As always, please do not invest with money you cannot afford to loose, or need it to pay for something in the next month or so. Basically do not invest at all, but work from $0, go out and recruit people to invest and get commission payment then invest with that commission payment, that way if it all go down, you only loose time. However with that being said, I’m sure that Geniuscapital will last long as long as topcapitalist until today, over 3 years later is running away, closing down, becoming a SCAM like many others HYIPs.