[Paying only to DG Stock holder] Coingeneration.com released its news update “Positive changes”

I believe this latest news update released by Coingeneration.com was due to the fact that Coinbeez has gone Live with its software for users to make to money with a lot less investment or not at all for members. Coinbeez announced yesterday on its facebook and on the website, indicated that the software is available for download and make money, but the earned money will not immediately updated on member’s site. The releases were for MAC Linux and Windows 64 bits. In Coinbeez chat room, people are having difficulty getting the software or apps to run, so still a lot of development improvements needed, on top of that tutorials or how to direction for users to follow.

IPUservices.com is another one similar to Coingeneration.com. Basically Coingeneration.com, ipuservices, and coinbeez are pretty much the same. Coingeneration.com probably being the first of its kind, paying it’s members consistently for four months, and then 4 months no paying, then now new game plan with DG Stock paying its members again but 4 months loss of money to its members. IPUservices came out with the software after many delayed, but now it’s working but still has a lot of improvements to make. Now Coinbeez came out yesterday with the software also encountered problems getting it to work. The bottom line are, coingeneration.com has been paying its members partially with problem, IPUservices and Coinbeez has not paid its regular members yet.

Bottom line, be careful, be wary! DO NOT INVEST MONEY, you may invest your not utilize cpu since it’s already part of your electric bill. If you invest money to expect more money, you are taking a very big risk. The risks factors involved, payments processors these businesses use are not reversible transactions, meaning once you send you the money, you cannot dispute not even $1 or $1 million, it is totally gone, just like Bitcoin, cannot be dispute or reverse. So be careful. You have to investigate and learn to trust or if can be trusted and then invest.

Positive changes
By Joao on Wed, 11/20/2013 – 22:44
Dear members,
We have great news for all – DG is getting bigger and better again! Yes, you’ve heard it right, the past times of uncertainty are over and we’ve kicked off again to deliver the best earnings on the web.
Today, DG is not only the largest project of it’s kind but is truly unique because of it’s humongous income potential. We are expecting to have the stock trading platform fully operational starting December 1st and look towards future success and enthusiasm of all members during this HOT winter! Our invention fund capital has been recently backed up with additional fund injections to secure stable & non-stop payouts to all founders for at least the next upcoming season.
We encourage the remaining part of members that have not yet decided to take advantage of the founder position to proceed today as the conversion rate for the stock purchase will be set according to the actual rate of over $14 shortly instead of the current $10/stock price.
It’s time for a better change now and we’re confident you’ll see all the benefits of being a founder in the nearest future.

DG – from good to best is just one step.

Truly Yours,
DG Staff