[Paying Selective Members] Geniuscapital.net no longer paying fake Support Chat in green unresponsive

Today, I have decided to take off the affiliate link so that people will not fall for Geniuscapital.net HYIP. There are sign now that Geniuscapital.net  being a SCAM fraud, stealing people’s money. There are numerous members, existing ones, reported that Geniuscapital.net  are not paying, waiting for pending payout, Support in Green never responded (seems like they’re hiding when people question about payout).

I personally encountered the same problem. First start out real good, payed instantly and consistently. Then Geniuscapital.net  came out with good news, implemented Chat Room and greater news ahead. I should have known, that’s a sign of them doing their final attempt to get new investors, or existing investors to invest more so that they can withdraw money to their bank and cash out and then run away, I should have known, and I talked about this in the past. Now I have hundreds of dollars being in pending status for a week and doesn’t look like it will ever get approved. When I tried to contact Support Chat, it is green and someone is there, but it appears that the moment they see my question about pending payout, they hide and ignore me, repeated daily but unresponsive. I even tried to email them [email protected] but again unresponsive. I’m not spamming them or anything like that by the way.

What to do now? I have removed the Geniuscapital.net  link, so no one will fall Geniuscapital.net  scam, fraud, hoax. If you’re a new member, most likely they will pay you initially partially to get the momentum started so that you feel comfortable to invest more or at least get more people to join, and then you will end up like many others like me, all pending payout now, and I have thousands dollars initial investment will not be able to withdraw, most likely Geniuscapital.net already emptying their bank account to get away like topcapitalist.com but continue to let the website running to scam new investors or people doesn’t take the time to research on hyip monitor and send Geniuscapital.net money without know they will not pay.

Once again, everyone! DO NOT INVEST in Geniuscapital.net  it had become a scam. Let’s try on newer one. It had come to be a big surprise that Geniuscapital, a well designed looks legitimate website had gone SCAM only been in 3-4 months in business. I’m shocked actually.






Furthermore, it appears that now they have a lot of FAKE members went out and rate in many HYIP rating saying that they got paid, but in reality those are just fake members say anything they want just to get more investors onboard, which it did work and tons of people joined and as Geniuscapital.net made their last attempting of scamming people.

Geniuscapital.net SCAM, Not Paid, PENDING, CLOSING, Luring

Geniuscapital.net SCAM, Not Paid, PENDING, CLOSING, Luring

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