[Paying] Stop wasting your time with coingeneration.com it is a scam now based on all available evidence and in chat room

Just in case you don’t know this, but in the coingeneration.com chat room, ask anyone about coingeneration.com the result you will get is close to 99% coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG is a scam ever since July 2013, and some people maintained their faith with coingeneration.com just be fooled around with misleading news updates and take the updates as a communication to being transparent and working on any issue, yeah right! over 4 months already, payza problem no more, where’s the money in payza? where’s the money that they said they will fund? the members got fooled and called payza to release the funds to coingeneration.com so they can get paid! oh boy! are the members dumb! too late now, no more money left. Funds were never given to the users. Certainly funds are not in Bank for transfer either, so don’t bet on it, you will be on for a long ride of more lies and make up stories! and get fooled by little payment here and there to make a spark to get more people spent money. Many fool felt for this I feel sorry for them.

OK with that being said. I would like say that I’ve been researching and testing many online investments programs, the most popular one are indeed HYIPs, and yes coingeneration.com is HYIP, yes coinbeez is HYIPs and so is IPUservices.com HYIP are high yield investment programs, but most of them are short live ones. First let talk about why there three are HYIP?

coingeneration.com HYIP because you invest $50 and they will give you $1 daily for 12 calendar month. If you have done HYIP before, you will know that this is similar to geniuscapital.net where you spent $50 and they will give you $1 per business day, and you don’t need to run any silly program on your computer, the best thing about geniuscapital.net is that it’s for life if you think about, not like coingeneration.com. If you’re going to put money into coingeneration.com you might be better off putting it on geniuscapital.net Coingeneration.com isn’t paying, new users come on board got paid and got fooled to pay buy more threads just to get stucked, suckered, will never be able to get a dime out, just about everything on coingeneration is a fake, hoax, misleading, kept on changing the logic, fooled members, trick them in purchasing threads, sometime being persuasive but most of the time manipulative. Coingeneration created a logic that will force you to have no choice but to spend more money thinking you can withdraw more money or even withdraw anything at all. So coingeneration.com is very manipulative, as an approach.

The best HYIPs has been a round for many years is topcapitalist.com, simple investment program, no misleading news update, no chatroom forum because it does not require that. Simply invest and withdraw daily, no fooling around, no trick, no stress. This is the most top rated HYIP on the internet. However do not invest your life saving on it, like many others HYIP, it too can disappear one day just like after90days.org, with the different that after90days.org already have that scam written on it, come on now 300% return with $1500 investment? SCAM!. Topcapitalist.com doesn’t have that scam plan, it’s plain and simple 8% or so daily, not much profit but profit and long life.

GeniusCapital.net as I have already mentioned. Similar to coingeneration.com plan. However the different is that you don’t need to run any silly retarded program such as threadmanager that doesn’t do anything at all just counting # and sending signal that your computer is running so it calculate money. By this time most people realized it, well too late! your money is gone and no you cannot get it back unless you dispute with paypal if you use paypal to buy threads. So don’t spend money anymore on coingeneration, and head over to geniuscapitalist.net to invest there. No stress, no clicking constantly like lottery to get payout, no checking the website, all those crap, stay away. geniuscapital.net is much better and paying consistently!

Coinbeez.com and IPUServices.com same as HYIP, the money they collected today already, they will spend on investments whether it’s HYIP or whatever, certainly not cloud computing super computer like coingeneration.com are saying, those are lies! however there are real company out there that are paying such as gomez peer already online and paying, MQL5, and other publicly open, but there payment isn’t much. Exception to IPUServices.com might be similar to gomezpeer or so, so still have faith, you can join today, just don’t buy the division manager or regional manager, basically don’t spend any money until it’s up and running.