[Pending – “Paid”] Geniuscapital.net pending payment for me today “Withdrawal request”

*** Updated: November 25th 2013 USA East Coast time. Pending payout now paid, few hours later! Good job! Geniuscapital.net


Well guys, after so many successful paying, instantly. Now I got a pending status for payout of $512. I contacted support they responded below.

9:22:09 AM: Catherina Jones: If your withdrawal has went to pending , It could be due to minor server issues, Your payout will be processed within 24 hrs by the admin.

This sounds so familiar with other HYIP, however since this is my first one, I’m hoping it will be true that within 24hours from now payout will get processed for me. Will keep everyone posted.

What I’m thinking is because the amount is high, and due to security reason, they would like to manually approve this. I’m guessing maybe maximum of $100 a day, but since I’m getting my original balance investment back, they would like to review and manually approve. Hope this is the case, again will keep everyone posted in 24hours.

However the negative thinking of this is, a trap! The first investment went through and and withdraw flawlessly and then the 2nd investment started to get iffy, and 3rd and 4th and the following will even get worse! hopefully this is not the case. As many HYIP tricked their members giving them happy paying instantly first round or first package so that members feel comfortable to invest more and more, and then payments payout began to slow down, pending, giving reasons after reasons for why it’s not going through, and the next people know is everyone in the same boat, all pending, nothing members can do but wait and hope it doesn’t go away! Cannot dispute, cannot complaint because it doesn’t help since it’s simple program owners are aware of what happening.

Geniuscapital.net payout withdrawal pending waiting November 24th 2013

Geniuscapital.net payout withdrawal pending waiting November 24th 2013