Progress at Digital Generation DG?

Based on last blog in regard to Digital Generation DG. They’ve indicated that they start paying for some non high risk countries, but not all. Apparently if you’re from the USA, you’re not going to get any payment anytime soon; they started saying within a couple weeks, but couple weeks passed and nothing and today, people asked again and their respond was:

10:06:18 AM Jobaco: The payments already begin. We expect this situation to normalize over this week for all who used Payza which are not in the high-risk countries.

OK now, based on that respond people became confused. People thought that payment had already started to work fully 100% for those countries, but guess what? that’s not true. They kept on saying this weeks after weeks and months after months, now heading toward months 3. The good news is that payza had confirmed that account had been released back to owner and they have full access, but what now? will make payment? or will Digital Generation DG make payment on small amount, and then run away? Who knows, currently it is not well communicated or have any valid relevant transparency.

Now let’s compare with, if you know, they ran into similar scenarios, not necessary tied to payment, but more of same promise concept. Released date FAILED, software working? FAILED, and don’t try to compare this with Apple and Microsoft products problem when they first released, it isn’t the same. We’re talking about have the software and they said it’s working and will get released on-time, totally false, software don’t even work, it doesn’t do anything other than a snapshot of system info. Released date a week behind schedule, lied about many things so far. Could these two companies be related?