Report to payments processors such as

It’s too late, and still possible make payment processors such as EgoPay,, and so on about the problem you have with or the fact is that it disappeared with your money. You can send a message email or create help support ticket and report fraud to the account ID such as [email protected] is fraud, so that know about it, the more people report this issue to payment processors, especially those that just got onboard and invested money that you have not gotten any payment yet. Good chances there will be reaction from payment processors such as egopay to probably frozen account whatever money is in there will probably get frozen and pending investigation holding up to 180 days, you will probably not get your money back but at least you report it and know is in deep sh*t, they better run run and hide and eventually their lives will be miserable! sooner or later, if the police force don’t catch up to them, god will! and their lives will be miserable including their families members that owners brought upon their loves one will suffer. Cuss them all at to living “hell” OK enough! LOL let the Russian mafia deal with it, because the majority of people go on to are from Russia, 2nd from Europe, and 3rd from USA. USA we can report Eventually they will get capture, so enjoy while they can I’m sure, but just like latest arrested related to Bitcoin, will see that day also.