[SCAM] Coingeneration.com is paying new members while existing members get tricks

As of today January 22nd 2014.  Over three days passed the promise time of Coingeneration.com will pay its existing members with Founder Stock purchase position in full. Guess what? it didn’t happen. Members waited since end of November 2013, through December, now through January and still nothing, no payout. A couple weeks ago, Coingeneration.com came out with news letter news and pops up message saying that members will need to reduce the available balance in their account to withdraw to $10 or less in order to withdraw. Well, this is saying, give up your money! trash it, and keep only $10 we will pay you!, and guess what it work! Coingeneration.com is in control, they can make you give up your money easily! this is call manipulation. Well, that was short live. The $10 payout went ok for a couple days and then wallets became orange red frequently. As of now the wallets Egopay/Paxum are red for the whole day, still reds. Short live indeed, now people cannot even withdraw $10.

Now what about those Egopay 2 and Paxum 2? well that wallets are for new members. Also known as stupid idiot members that did not do thorough research before buying threads because they test and they sees immediate instantly and consistently paying them, so they buy more threads and more and more, then problems start happenings. New members paid using  EGO Pay or similar processors that does not allow dispute or reversal will probably get hit first, after certain amount of days, these members will get group into the same existing stock holder founder position, meaning they will no longer get paid instantly consistently anymore. Now for credit card or Paypal threads purchasing folks, they will probably get paid the longest, maybe up to 45 days or whatever the amount of time Paypal allow buyers to perform dispute, if it’s over 45 days or so buyers can no longer do dispute. So as a result Coingeneration.com will probably paid these group of members long 45 days max, and then same thing, after that 45 days consistent instant payout they will encounter problem get group with existing Founder Stock buyer and other existing members. The cycle keep on repeating. There are plenty of idiots new members does not know about this scam will get caught trick and will never end. Lots of people out there have knowledge of how coingeneration.com play.

Coingeneration.com no doubt will keep on creating news letter, news messages, poorly written time at the end they mention to take over the world! that was a good one LOL, very unprofessional at the end. Coingeneration.com appears to have hired someone wrote the news letter, or someone education background who are very smart but very stupid to work for coingeneration.com or run coingeneration.com business to trick people in investing money that never get even initial investment back, and keep on making excuses and reasons taking advantage of various problems as reason for cannot make payment, or saying that it’s a challenge. Very bad business practice. Not professional.