[SCAM] coingeneration.com latest scam anyone still falling for their tricks?

I wonder if anyone still falling for coingeneration.com scam tricks? coingeneration.com scam has been tricking scamming fraud members for maybe a year now, and surprisingly they’re still on up and running to scam new members, I guess even one person fall for their scam is good enough to make some money off that person, a sucker really whoever fell for coingeneration.com scam.

If you search on google or any search engine about coingeneration.com you would realize that coingeneration.com is in the business of scamming people money, and for almost a year now, they had scammer close to the hundreds of thousands of dollars and nobody can do anything about it. Because those whom invested money in coingeneration.com scam simply gave away free money, through payment processors that cannot be reversed, cancel, or dispute. It’s a one way transaction, your money is gone.

Needless to say, the way coingeneration.com scam work is that, you download a fake program software that doesn’t do anything beside calculating # based on your computer hardware, and IP address then communicated back to a server somewhere to record the IP and integrated with the website for login verification purpose, that is all the so call “Thread manager” are doing. So how do coingeneration.com scam trick you? simple! by updating their news messages in the members homepage, very professional writing, and off course the continuous software update of Thread manager which doesn’t do anything. Now when you invested money, they will support you fast! to get your money, to steal your money really. Once you’re in, they may pay you a few dollars here and there, and then you get placed into a special group of members where they will manipulate your account, they will know when you no longer reinvest or add more money, so they stopped paying that particular group of people and simply once a gain update news released explaining reasons why they cannot make payout to you, and they will keep coming up with stories, broken promises, taking advantage of whatever they can to not paying you anything.

What coingeneration.com scam doing is scamming you. Killing time to withdraw the cash into their bank and then close it. Then coingeneration.com scam repeated the same cycle again with new members, as it get less and less since people knew about scam, they make less money but coingeneration.com don’t make one scam website, coingeneration.com creates many scam websites running the same methods of HYIP, with many modification to tricks people in giving them free money. Nothing anyone can do about it since they operate anonymously. Coingeneration.com scam collected credit card #, social security #, driver license, passport documents of members and use it to continue their quest to scam more people. The documents you provided to coingeneration.com they use it for criminal activities and off course this scam, domain registration was under a stolen identity that’s why it’s not easy to find out who’s behind this operation. All registered to stolen identity and fake IP addresses.

Keep in mind these domains. coingeneration.com, dgstocks.com, btc-o-matic.com, newsbtc.com they are all connected somehow and one person has been wiriting very good news releases story. Especially the newsbtc.com wrote about btc-o-matic.com Bitcoin ATM machine is a fake, lied, lies.


ThreadManager Update
Thread Manager ver. 4.0 has been finally released which should allow to significantly increase the performance of our mining operation. This is a new level of CG continuous efforts to develop the best solution for Altcoins cloud mining platform. All users are requested to update their current version to final release ver. 4.0 as we require to finalize the changes of the server part as well. Once we are done with the update CG will apply further strategies to resume daily payouts based on actual pool performance. Despite we haven’t been as successful as we wanted to be within the last few months we are confident the results will keep everybody happy and we’ll strike forward to make things work as they should. Period.

Changes are on their way!

Best Regards,
CG Staff