[SCAM] IPUServices.com plan for March 31st and beyond?

Knowing that www.ipuservices.com forum was closed many months ago due to their scam activities has been exposed. On top of that the forums has 99% negative feedback from actual members not getting support properly and the #1 issue of all, IPUServices.com did not deliver what they’ve promised, if they did deliver something, then it wasn’t what they have promised. They promised a cow for a feast, but instead brought a small chicken, on top of that months later instead of the exact day.

So the last email IPUServices.com appears to be working, they lured many new investors in giving them $150 free to complete the $1000? who knows, maybe they did. So the next question is, will IPUServices.com actually will pay $227 to the 1000 division account? No one know, but this is what I’m predicting:

  1. IPUservices.com will have new plan to lure people given them free money again. IPUS might indeed paid $227 to division manager position, and this will excite the people whom got the payout and voice positive comments about IPUS to refers more people in. If you look at it like this, pay out $1000, but get in $10,000 wouldn’t you do it? so think about that, that is their game. These are smart educated intelligence individual planning these scheme. Instead of using their intelligence to help others, they use their intelligence to harm others.
  2. IPUServices.com most likely will not even pay the $227 because they’re not committed to, and nothing the members can do anything about it. IPUS might be using another strategy where they send out news update that they cannot make the payout at the moment, but will use the money payout to invest in greater investment and will double members $227 to $500 or higher or give members new hope. At this point they can plan anything they wan and no one can do anything about it.
  3. Look at the latest news:
  • MAJOR NEWS – MERGER In Place between IPUS and Former Competitor!!!03/14/2014 There will be an announcement shortly with regards to a merger between Idle Processor Utilization Services and one of its’ largest competitors.Keep an eye on the news, the blogs, and the forthcoming announcement


The above latest news giving you a hint of what coming up next, could be instead of paying you $227, they will use the $227 saying from each division manager account, 1000 members that is $227,000 to buy out the competitors business. This so call largest competitors could it be coinbeez? coingeneration? pcearner? what is it? will see.

Bottom line, don’t put too much faith on the $227, most likely you will not see it. A total of $227,000 movements will be a big red flag for money laundering, so again, no way in “hell’ an anonymous business like IPUServices.com can transmit $227,000 payout in a short period of time. So $227? I don’t think so.

So people please! do your homework, do your research, don’t give out free money with payment processors you cannot dispute or file a complaint to get your money back. ┬áIt’s better to keep $150 and buy your family and friends loves one a nice dinner meal.

IPUServices.com $227 payout not going to happen 1000 members $227 thosand would be a flag for money laundering

IPUServices.com $227 payout not going to happen 1000 members $227 thosand would be a flag for money laundering