[SCAM] IPUServices.com SCAM FRAUD MORE people than expected

As of today, IPUservices.com still at it. They have pocket over $200K in cash which they said they pay out to the members, very misleading! FALSE, lied and lies. If indeed the figures of $200K are the amount members spent buying Division Manger, and referrals converted to division managers, which are very small few maybe 1 % then they still pocket hundred of thousand dollars in their pocket, emptied their bank already, and now just their final attempt to pocket more money by sending out fake misleading lies news, such as new implementation of Android software and so on, these software cost less than $50 to create, cheap and crappy if they don’t do it themselves. I don’t know how these people sleep at night? how their family can have a good life later in the future not being afraid of their families members and loves ones will encounter much worst punishment than what they’re doing today fraud people money. Lots of members curse IPUServices staff and whoever the owner is, put the owner and all staff tied to IPUServices to hell, and their later generation children suffer the worst life condition ever.

Antyhow, latest post on the forum.


1. 2$ for leaving your computer on doing nothing 24/7 is not possible. Only if you “mine” coins which the program does not.

2. It doesn’t even use your cpu when idle! I’ve seen max 1.0% of my cpu and then drop immediately.

3. over a month ago since we heard anything.

4. the program doesn’t do anything. its just java i looked in the folder and java can’t sell cpu power.

5. Unprofessional site. I have seen pleenty of threads saying i paid for the upgrade but did not receive it. Such things should be automated(Payments too)

6. No payments paid. Only when the project was in early stages to gain trust

7. Your money is probably in the hands of some indian scammers(no offense)

8. They are likely laughing there asses of on the way to the bank

9. You will never be paid. No matter what you think don’t waste your time on this

10. You got warned. Paypal warned you. Solstice warned you. Lots of other people warned you.

11. Look at their english. They are in no way americans(They say their company is based in US)

Get a refund before its too late