[Scam more members] Few more attempts to take members money even by the pennies to dollars

Wondering how many people will fall for this trap? unfortunately a lot! A lot of people will fall for this trick. Even though it’s just $1, but it is IPUServices.com final attempt to get more money, milk more money from its members even each pay $1, but if each members buy $50 of referrals, you do the math, there are over 100 thousands members, let just say half will buy $50, that’s $50 x 50,000 = $250,000.00 into IPUServices.com pocket again no can dispute or get their money back ever. IPUServices.com are using payment processing methods that are irreversible! that’s right! Non of their working payment processors can be disputed or reversed, one way transaction, once you pay them, your money is gone.

The reason you should not fall for this trick is because even small dollars to risk, but it’s 100% risk if you trust this IPUServices.com, chances are they will not pay a single penny and impossible to get a hold of them to dispute, sure they will respond to your support email if it’s something related helpful beneficial to them, but they will not respond to any support email complaining and trouble you ran into. Sadly I know a lot of people will still fall for this trick and invest more money they could have a nice dinner with their love ones. IPUServices.com had gone SCAM a few months ago, where they stopped paying members with referrals earning, they closed down the forums due to many complaints and have no support to trouble, they only support problem members paying them so that it goes through, after that no more respond because they got your money.

Completely a ponzi scam, following the foot steps of HYIP but with different flavors. IPUServices.com will continue to sends such messages to attract more investors, they will not stop, and a lot of people will not know their scam and just paid a few dollars they can afford to loss, very sad, thousands and thousands of people are paying them now without knowing IPUServices.com SCAM. Even if IPUServices.com pay, they will pay selective group of people or small amount just to keep the momentum going so that they get more referrals and to get more money. Please spread this blog entry help others be vigilant! Do not fall for the dollars spending that tied to you can loose a few dollars, keep the dollar you have. IPUServices.com a big SCAM FRAUD

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014
Subject: IPU Services – REFERRAL SALE!!

We are having a 48-Hour Referral Sale!

For the next two days, ALL Member Levels (Standard. Regional, and Division) may purchase referrals for your downline for $1 EACH (Minimum 10 referrals purchased).

These referrals are exclusively yours, and they NEVER expire – you will earn off of them forever!

(When this sale ends, our pricing for referrals will be set back to $5 each, and referrals will only be available for Regional and Division Accounts)


There are fewer than 75 Division Accounts yet available for purchase –

this will be our “last call” for these higher-earning accounts – Buy Now!!

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