[SCAM Not Paying] IPUServices.com now a SCAM FRAUD not responding

Sadly to say, based on what I’ve read, and a member myself. In fact I am a division manager paid $150 for it with EGOPAY and now I cannot dispute or get it back, that money is now gone. I knew I should have paid with Payza, at least with Payza I can dispute up to 45 days old. Even so, IPUservices.com probably have gotten all the money out of Payza, nothing available in balance to refund you. One of the reason Paypal rejected IPUServices to do business, and I will not be surprise Payza already frozen IPUservices.com account, but probably no funds in there already, they probably transferred it to their bank account and emptied it and ran away!

Lesson learn here is that any online programs or projects asking you to participate either by running a program app or software, or invest money to get more money back, you better think twice. Look at the program credibility, is it real? registered with FDIC or some Financial Institution that can verify it. Otherwise it’s just another tricks SCAM, FRAUD, so call Ponzi Scam. They will get your money, pay you small amount back to proof that it work so you can tell others to do the same, and when they got enough or no one else start to invest, they will simply empty their bank account and run away. Sad thing is you cannot do anything about it, because it’s not a register business, in fact it’s anonymous on the internet anyone can register, and probably register under a hacker identity theft from someone.

IPUservices.com in this case, came out criticizing Coingeneration.com and similar site as scam, but look at IPUServices.com now. So far IPUservices.com is transparent on how much money they got $180K, but it could be more, that’s how much they disclosed on their website. The trick that IPUServices.com pulled on this was, get people to involve, pay $50 for people whom purchased $150 account and if they get $150 referrals. However these payout were only at the beginnings to pull more people in. Once they don’t see it’s coming in anymore, they start to motivate people by releasing the software to run for earning, and then make some more money because it motivated others buy $150. Once that’s over and they couldn’t get anymore buyer, they will again motivate people by saying, Android software application coming soon to motivate people to get more people in and to buy $150 membership. They keep on repeating it until people found out IPUServices.com trick, but it’s too late, many has already fallen for this trick. IPUservices.com disappear, what left is just a website with no one operate, on autopilot or until get shut down by ISP or data center with enough people file complaint.

Again there isn’t much you can do, those that spent $150, it’s gone. You can never dispute with EGOPAY, Perfect Money, and so on. Even with Payza you have max 30-45 days to dispute, after that your money is gone. No one know who the owner is or who’s running the project. The website contact information are all anonymous or under a stolen identity of someone, which are widely available sold by hackers.

Conclusion: do not pay or spend time working hard with any program or projects online, unless you really know the company or the program exist legally.

IPUServices.com SCAM FRAUD Lure people in to buy division manager no payout no respond to support questions

IPUServices.com SCAM FRAUD Lure people in to buy division manager no payout no respond to support questions