[SCAM Proof] Coingeneration.com reaching its end of life attempting to trick more people

Hopefully by now a lot of people realized coingeneration.com is a scam. There has been a lot of proof as evidence that it’s a fraud scam, worst than HYIPs. Many people, including knowledgeable people with computer skills done multiple test run, analysis to see what the threadmanager program are doing, a lot of fake yes, but many are realistic analysis. For this one below you can try it out yourself and see. Proven that threadmanager doesn’t do anything, does not use any threads, just counting # tricking people in believing the project! so members can buy threads and make money for short period of time, not even 4 months into the project, everything falls apart, and coingeneration tried to extend it by attempting last few move to get more money from stupid members.

Many believes that coingeneration.com upgraded its software threadmanager to version 3.1 because of this fake scam were discovered by many users. On top of that they work on getting people’s money and update the software rather than paying members, for over 4 months a drop here and there.