[some got paid] Coingeneration.com DG enabled Bank Transfer but is it working?

According to the chat room. Someone asked about Bank Transfer, is it working? SUPPORT_DG in chat room answered: yes it work, and takes 3-5 days. However no one in the chat room confirmed that Banks Transfer went through, they tried and all they got is in progress, which is different from pending, or is it. Pending for approval, could takes a long time again like the pending payment for some users has been pending since early August 2013 til today, and they reported it no longer showing up on their list. Well seems like it got buried back on several pages back, appears that coingeneration.com DG had changed the way they sort the payment page. Previously was based on Payment status, now by date. Maybe an attempt to make people forget about their pending long time ago, nice try! ain’t gonna happen, money is important to people they’re not going to forget. Will see how this Bank Transfer play out in the next couple of weeks.

Sadly, what doesn’t make sense to enable Bank Transfer is the fact that they haven’t take care of Pending payment status yet and jumped straight to bank transfer. If Bank Transfer will work properly then why not change the status of pending payment to approved or decline or refund back to available balance for people to try to use Bank Transfer. Doesn’t make much sense in a way, but that’s how it has been, while pending stayed pending for a long time and new balance can be withdraw instantly in some cases for some people but only up to the limit of their threads.

Some good news. People confirmed that they’re getting paid instantly but only up to the threads amount. 10 threads $10 a day, 40 threads $40 a day, for now long who knows. For people that have 99 to 100 threads may need to wait longer and longer and again who knows for how long, but the news is that Bank Transfer button now available, but whether it will work flawlessly or not still no so transparent.

Still bad news. Many members still don’t have their account unblocked. Some already unlocked accounts, encountered new errors and new limits when request payout. Members with 99 threads cannot withdraw via e-currency although bank transfer button available.