[some paying] Coingeneration.com just update news on members homepage and blog

Just in case you missed this. Coingeneration.com updated its member’s homepage and blog below messages. By now, people already know how coingeneration.com DG operated. If you don’t know, did not deliver fully what they say they will do, did not commit to the commit date, find reasons for being delay, taking advantage of any situation as a reason for delay or causing problem. However the good news as of recently, according to the chat room, a few happy members. These members are happy because they got paid, mostly small payment such as 50 threads or below. The remainder, everyone else did not get any payment, in fact their payment link don’t work, it always pops up an error message. The error today had changed to gateway overload error, and people is smart enough to know that this is a manually create pop up message, not by system actual gateway payment error. This error appears for people whom still got locked. No news on when the rest of the folks will get unlocked. Even if they got unlocked, no guaranteed that they will be able to get payout.

On top of the above situation. There has been various error messages. People are keeping track of this error message by taking screen shot and compile it on the internet picture sharing website. These error messages tied to payout request link. For folks whom was unlocked for payment, they were able to get paid one day then the next day it got locked again.

Our payment gateway is unable to process your request via the selected payment method,
please use another ewallet or try back later. We do not allow to use bots to request payouts!

There were also report from users that if you buy threads via paypal your account will get automatically unblocked for payment. However if you got unblocked and then you get paid, and then buy threads again, one person reported that they got blocked again.

Pending Payments / Future Outlook
The situation is getting back to normal and we are ready to get over to pending payments issues. We can’t admit there has been lots of compliments and support from the members during the recovery phase but we want to thank all those who have supported us and encouraged DG community during the hard times!

There remains some ballast as pending payments which we left aside since August. It’s time to proceed with it now since it keeps some negativity in the air which we really consider to be an absurd pessimism. Anyways, we believe you have seen our efforts and all improvements that took place within the last week to understand that we are moving forward and it’s a good moment to cheer yourself up a bit 😉

DG is much larger than a local bank and we’re much more than we may seem first. Our publicity gives us great advantages above all others and all together we’ll get to the next exciting stage of a financial boost which already started to heat things up! As a compliment to all users who have been affected with payouts we will provide a higher limit so they could catch up accordingly.

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be DG with happy members on board. We’ll put it above self to deliver the results. It won’t we otherwise – otherwise we wouldn’t be DG.

Cordially Yours,
DG Management