The death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were caused by real accident due to darkness on that night

Is it realy? This occurred back in 2003 and now determined to be cause due to darkness? To me it’s a real accident car crashed. There wasn’t any plot to kill them I’m sure, anyhow, it’s long time ago and people forgotten about how what the cause of the death determination will be. The important thing princess Diana no doubt millions around the world mourn in her death. I’m sure she’s with god and in good hand with god. However as for many non god believer beats me what they’re thing where princess Diana is at the moment 🙂

It doesn’t matter who you are, what cars you’re driving or where, or how often you drive, the odds are you will encounter an accident sooner or later, it’s best to believe in faith and let god guide you through life 🙂