The most clever HYIPs scam on the internet is

If you’re in the business of gambling online, you might heard about high yield investments programs. Among all them are pretty much similar except for one that really stands out is the first of it’s kind for HYIPs with a twist. You invest $50 to get $1 daily back for 12 months. For each $50 that is, you can have up to $5000. Then create a new account with another $5000 and so on. You would need to run a program that just run some #, this is the where the cleverness gets you, if you run the program (threadmanager) is running, they will pay you based on that, and ensure you have internet as well, if something wrong with your internet or computer, they wouldn’t pay you fully, again the software running doesn’t do anything beside calculate #s. ¬†What other HYIP are doing is real simple, invest $50 and get $1 on daily business day for life forever, forever that is if the HYIP program owner doesn’t run away. Versus have the clever logic in place and they can be more flexible on how the can plan to play with the users including fooling the users to buy more threads and their few last attempts before closing down and run away is to trap the users to forcing them buy threads in order to withdraw, users or members have no choice but to spend more money.

As a result, the members all of them are now realizing the game they played, being trapped, being manipulated, and the stressful complaint, tired of asking questions getting no answer pointing to the slow death for the members at coingeneration. Slow and painful death are what members of are encountering now. will attempt to make final attempts manipulate to get more new users members to buy threads before disappearing, chat room folks have no plan of getting new referrals although the 20% referrals bonus seems tempting, but it’s all about morality now, most members realize that it’s wrong to get their friends or even stranger into to let them suffer while you profit doesn’t seem right, so not much new members joining, only the stupidity that got tricked.

There is no way that coingeneration can pay all its members even if it’s a legitimate business, which it’s not apparently. The amount they need to pay its members are way too high, and we’re talking about the veterans members or members that have a lot of referrals money. DG may tried final attempts would be targeting the new members, paid the new members daily instantly to trap them in and get them to refers newer and more newer members to get in. They will keep doing that, paid the new members only, so they can refers more members to buy more threads. The older veterans members can’t do much other than voice their opinion in the chat room, which only themselves can see, no new members going into the chat room unless they encounter problem.