The waiting game continue at Digital Generation DG

Many people are now loosing faith and trust, positive thinking now start to deteriorate, and pretty soon the folks that has been with for a long time, we’re talking people that had invested in thousand of dollars, the original investors that funded Digital Generation DG with lots of money and wait for news after news and after news now getting tired and distrust. came out with news consistently that they will do this and do that, especially saying that they funded recharged their paxum account, egopay account, perfectmoney and so on, to make payment, but guess what? it didn’t happen at least for many in the chat room and who knows how many others. Then the payza issue, was resolved and they have full control of their payza account but guess what? anyone get large payment from payza from NO, no one confirmed that they get large amount of payment after Payza released hold status from their account, so where does the money go now if they’re not paying the users fully? does it required more time? how much more time? or is it just a game that they’re playing,  continue on months and months until people realized that their money is gone and they can’t do much about it, since these are non-registered company anywhere, and the address and phone # are all virtual #.

The biggest indication would be that there isn’t any red Admins in the chat room, either they all got laid off or voluntarily quit because they didn’t get paid either and saw a big SCAM coming into picture, or is it they just they’ve been allocated to work on different department such as validating users one at a time manually. Keep in mind that the domain name expire less than a year from today, Sep. 2014, if they can kill time and kept on broken promising they may lead all members users toward 2014 and then the company disappear from the internet.

Notice another strange activities taken place, they now required users, some not all to scan their passport ID card to verify the account in order to make withdrawal or payout. Many people are skeptical about this, the people whom received the message questioning why only selective group of people required this verification process and others don’t, could the ID card or Passport be use for fraud? it is possible! People afraid to provide the data because no where indicated that it’s a registered company!

Now people all over are reporting to get message that they must upload scanned copy of their identity mostly passport. People are speculating that DG will sell the passport or ID information to third party for fraud, if they do, it will be the biggest scam fraud ever on the internet. Keep  in mind that is not a Financial service company like Paypal, Payza or, Digital Generation DG is not a registered company, so if they required you to submit proof of identity such as passport in order for them to verify you, then that’s it, game over! Take your next step. The domain just around the corner.