“The Wolf of Wall Street” watch this movie if you’re into investments

After watching this movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” does it ring a bell? if you’re investing or had invested online to HYIP (high yield investment programs” ponzi? Well if you haven’t, don’t! do not start. The movie showing how these broker can sell you a pen even if you don’t need one, they can out smart you easily.

Topcapitalist, Geniuscapital, After90days, all HYIPs, Coingeneration.com, IPUServices.com, Coinbeez.com, and more, the owners of these websites had been trained or already have a natural mind set of “The Wolf of Wall Street” These types of people will manipulate you to the extend that you feel brain washed, on top of that pressure and being outsmarted! in the end most if not all will loose to these people with the mind set of “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Let take example of coingeneration.com, ignore all others ones such as HYIPs when they died they died. Coingeneration.com is different, they still alive, no matter how painfully the members of coingeneration.com already invested and loss large amount of money invested in each account $5K five thousands dollars per account and some even have multiple accounts $5K five dollars each, all these people loss either some of their money or all of their money to coingeneration.com, and as of today, coingeneration.com still operates! and people still have hope. So how and why? Well again coingeneration.com operates the same way people in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” operates, in addition to being anonymous which gave coingeneration.com greater advantage of not being tracked down easily by the FBI CIA or whoever high government official. Coingeneration.com for sure use fake stolen identity to buy domain name, webhosting, renting virtual offices and phone #, no one really know who the real owners of coingeneration.com are, and will probably never know.

Coingeneration.com apparently are using the same method as depict in the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” They will manipulate its members, to have NO real choice but the only choice that Coingeneration want, which had already proven to work in the past. Coingeneration.com did not pay its members in full, despite they kept saying that they will pay everyone in full, but that never happened and sadly, nothing nobody can do anything about it. As Coingeneration.com move along, they kept on saying they’re paying, and then they stopped paying, and making up stories and reasons for delay and cannot pay, and in the end manipulated its members already multiple times to forced members to give up the available balance in order to get paid little to nothing compare to what was invested, and off course lied about will continue to paid for months later but that never happened had already proven. The January 19th 2014 date will be another hoax fake scam fraud methods they will once again play, no one will get paid in full, they may release little fund to pay for a couple of days and then on with their trick to manipulate its members once again to give up on the available funds once more like buying stocks.