[Waiting] Geniuscapital.net appears to have some sign of bad behaviors

Sadly to say, I noticed after Geniuscapital.net created the chat room, and then shut down the chat room, and now many people encountered payout withdrawal problem. Many are in pending status, and a few HYIP Monitor indicate Geniuscapital.net isn’t paying, at least one.

I also noticed the Support chat is no longer active, Support I see green all the time, now is offline inactive. So support Geniuscapital.net is also offline as well. All this appears to happens right after Chat room shut down. Many people and including me hope that they don’t go away, it’s only been 4 months or so, they should last longer based on the amount of effort they put into program. 4 months is way too short. All we can do now is wait for a couple more days and see what will happen, worst case we need to contact SolidtrustPay (STP) EGOPAY, and PerfectMoney letting them know this program has gone scam not paying, so that other new members know and not invest in it. With STP you can report the problem and make a dispute to hopefully get some money back in 6 months. Once again, let’s hope not, it’s only been 4 months, but already many HYIP Monitors saying this Geniuscapital isn’t paying or Waiting, however the Paying ratio is still greater.