[Waiting] Geniuscapital.net continues to have pending withdrawal payout request

The problem continues! Geniuscapital.net many users now are experiencing problem with payout request. Including me, as of now I have a total of $100 pending started several days ago. Support asked me to email [email protected], which I did immediately, waited and waited, and today I check with support GREEN available for Chat, but it appears that they’re hiding from me, they ran away or something, very sad, it’s only been 4 months ago. Will see how long will this be going on. Many people may think that Geniuscapital.net are now in a selective payments strategy, such as pay consistently for new investors so they can invest more. While older investors one day instant payout and the other day pending, or just limit the amount daily.

Will give Geniuscapital.net a week to resolves or respond, if they don’t I would have to start a campaign to contact STP (SolidTrustPay) to file a complaint of fraud, with enough people file complaint, will freeze Geniuscapital.net account. This is the worst case scenarios if Geniuscapital.net don’t fix the pending payment problems.

This is what happen when we tried to contact Geniuscapital.net through Support AVAILABLE in GREEN.

Will my many pending payout get approved? it’s been several days and continue to happens daily. Thanks

Welcome ! Your request has been directed to the English – Customer Service department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

There are no operators available at the moment. If you would like to leave a message, please type it in the input field below and click “Send” button

I left message several times, several days, no respond!