[Waiting Not Paying] Topcapitalist.com having problems with instant payout Withdrawal Request status

Many topcapitalist.com members are reporting that they’re not being paid. The problem started 3 days ago, where withdrawal took 1 day to go through. Then earlier yesterday and today, 99% of the members reported that they’re not getting paid for 1-2 days, the status said “Withdrawal Request” according to many facebook fan page and HYIP monitors. HYIPs monitors now appears with Not Paying and Waiting all over the place. SCAM are also in the picture now.

So for all capitalist.com investors, please monitor research this carefully before making any investment, apparently topcapitalist.com have problems making payments and gears toward SCAM. This is a 3-4 years old website, very professional built, but apparently it’s not going to last anytime long. The newer site have similar design, Geniuscapital is the one that you might want to consider investing instead of topcapitalist. Geniuscapital¬†will last couple of years like topcapitalist, very new now, so it will last same.

Genius Capital Limited