Where are all the Admins at coingeneration.com Digital Generation DG?

It’s been almost one week with the absent of many Admins in coingeneration.com website, wondering what’s going on? some say that there was an Admin at a non-USA channel room, but limited, they’re not as active as before, so wondering what happened? With the fact that coingeneration had pushed forward another week August 23rd 2013 is the day where Payza payment will get restored, but they could come up with another reason why they couldn’t meet that date, it will not be a surprise.

As said before if by August 23rd still no payment, then it is safe to say, coingeneration.com Digital Generation DG is a scam, promise after promise but never paid. It’s pretty obvious that anyone using online payment such as Payza and so on will probably only have 30 days or so to create a dispute to resolve, after this date, it is close to next to impossible to do so, the only option is to contact the authority, in this case start with the FBI in the USA, however you cannot do this alone, you need a group of people team up and prove that you are the victims of coingeneration.com and you would like your investment back or the amount of money you have sent to them, the reason to get your money back is obviously because they’re a scam, a ponzi scam to be exact but they didn’t show that.

So again the reason they kept on sending update could be because they’re killing time so that people cannot do a dispute after 30 or so days with payment processing. Watch out for that. I believe this website or domain just got purchased www.coingenerationscam.com will be the one you can participate in worst case scenarios, team up and have FBI investigate and at least get some of your money back.

With the above negative point of view being said. There are numerous # of people reported that although Admins don’t appear to be in chat room much, but they do spend time answering ticket, mostly Technical Support, not Billing or Payment for that matters they don’t respond. So there are still hope, hang in there for another week people, although it’s been said so many times hang in there hang in there week after weeks and weeks, always good reasons provided. I personally still sees hope, as the information provided by coingeneration matched with the information people contacted Payza to confirm that they did established some kind of alternative resolution to make payments for payza, however this doesn’t explain why coingeneration could not or did not pay with other payment processors, could it be because all their money is in paza? could it be because they don’t have money at all to pay?