Who is this guy in coingeneration.com Webbux?

This person chat name Webbux in Coingeneration.com Digital Generation DG Chat room all the time, claiming that he got paid every day from coingeneration.com, and he showed his proof on link on a website¬†http://mousetraptraffic.com/egopay.jpg When you open it you would see all if not most of the transactions are less than $5, and daily and from ego pay. This guy is a liar, an arse kisser to coingeneration.com or maybe related to one of the staff or the staff himself just pretend to be an average chatter. If you see this guy in coingeneration.com chat room Webbux, watch out for him, he’s a nice talking guy wasting time on chat room for just saying and claiming he got paid daily, it’s a set up!

It’s either a setup or he just want people to click on the link to¬†http://mousetraptraffic.com so he can gain traffic, lots of traffic, and maybe people will be curious enough they will visit his site and clicks on some of the affiliate links, or possible believing in him so much that many people will sign up under him. So guys, be careful of these types of people. The one might be nice to you or seems to be helpful might be the one that you up for something later in the in the future for his or her own benefit. It is totally false, big liar that he have no problem with coingeneration.com Digital Generation, this is a big lie from Webbux user, if they play game and then play realistically! again watch out for this Webbux chat name person, it’s an inside work, set you up to believe in untrue information.