[Your Payment is being processed] Coingeneration.com withdrawal payout request egopay isn’t instant anymore?

Many users this morning November 27th 2013 USA time reported that they cannot get instant payout from coingeneration.com These are members that purchased DG Stock Founder position and purchased additional threads. Too early to say, whether coingeneration.com DG is at it again or just a small glitch. Will have to wait and see in the next 24 hours. Will provide another update.

Again, egopay request payout was not instant this morning. Example members click on Egopay request payout of $27, and got the following messages.

Payment system egopay, processing queue

Your payment is being processed

Hopefully this is a real system generated message that tried to communicate with Egopay API but failed due to technical issue, and not interrupted purposely by Coingeneration.com DG DigitalGeneration.

The old veterans members had been in so much stress and pain already, and they’re giving Coingeneration.com DG DigitalGeneration another chance by acceptance of purchase DG Stock and became Founder and get paid $1 a day versus paying $50 a day. All were working fine, and then all of a sudden today, people are reporting problem again with payout.