An alternative to and topcapitalist which went SCAM recently

To start of, I would like to recommend Geniuscapital to everyone whom ever done investment with topcapitalist or coingeneration DG digitalGeneration. Topcapitalist went SCAM Fraud after over 3 years in business. Coingeneration DG DigitalGeneration business structure involved manipulating its members have very little options other than to being manipulated and complied to their program, recently members loss all their earning to so call DG Stock which will never be real stock for them to sell. With that being said, the alternative is Geniuscapital. Geniuscapital is new, about 3 months old. Life expectancy with Geniuscapital is long probably as long as topcapitalist or more. So that’s over 3 years in business which make a lot of people rich, then recently SCAM no longer paying. Yes, I would not be surprise if Geniuscapital  will do the same thing, that’s why I highly recommend to get in now, and set your goals before it’s too late. Read furthermore on my successful methods of doing investment such as this.

I have done many researches and tested. From PTC (pay to click) to high yield investment program (HYIP), and off course all similar program online that would give you great return on your investments.

ROI (return of investment) analysis is one of my favorite. I consistently researched on the internet for new ways and methods to make passive income the legal way, calculate the risk and ROI before I even test it. Testing is investing the minimum and then if go well, invest what I can afford to loose, and then use the profit ONLY to reinvest, but at the same time set up my profit threshold, meaning $10 a day for instant and only $10 do not be greedy. Now do this on 10 or so program, you will pocket $100 a day easily and very very safely. DO not be greedy. Luck most likely will not be on your side, it’s like winning a lottery, don’t do it.

Once again here are my methods which work great for me.

  1. Do thorough research on the program, search in google for SCAM and read it
  2. Test it with minimum deposit, and test withdraw it small amount is fine.
  3. Invest money you can afford to loose, or don’t need.
  4. Use the profit you make to reinvest and compound if you like to meet your goal. Set your goal, commit to it whether $5 a day, and do not be greedy and increase it with the same program.
  5. Do this for as many program as you like, but do not be greedy, set your goal and stick with it for each program.
  6. If the program died, forget it, don’t waste time contacting or whine about it, just move on to the next one for replacement.

Genius Capital Limited