“Anonymous Payment Schemes Thriving on Web”

For everyone whom are using and believing in online payment processors, might want to read this first. Taking the latest so call a lot of people online forums and blog already spot its unethical activities. Maybe after the reading the articles these smaller online payment processors might say they’re just a small exchange business, well guess what? does it mean that you are not obligated to comply with local federal guideline? operates under regulations? NO and No, yes. So therefore you can shut down anytime, run away with people’s money. First you exchange money, getting trust! and then as more people trusted your services, and then you shut down all of a sudden taking everyone’s money, and run away. You already know that your customers cannot do anything, cannot complaint to anyone, cannot file a dispute to anyone, cannot ever get the money back. It’s a scheme that you’re running just like IPUServices, Coingeneration, Coinbeez, HYIP, so on and so fort. You’re smart and intelligence, but you’re using your intelligence to harm hurt trick lure other people in giving you free money.