IS VULNERABLE openSSL https hacking possible

If you’re into computer, website design, or just reading the news each day, particularly into technology, you might have heard about the problem from secure website https openSSL. Well it’s now possible detect what was sending from https by a third party, the encryption basically work but there’s a trick that the hacker can fake or pretend to be real recipient.

To read the whole detail of this openSSL secure https issue, you can read here link:

The bottom line is this website is completely vulnerable https secure not really or secure at all. Do not use this website their https is not secure site, whatever information you type in, including your password, email, account, whatever your types in or send or even do on website is not secure. Hackers will see what you type in and hack your account and steal your money easily, if even work for that matter. Seems to be a manual process, not automated at faker. Here’s proof. https openSSL secure site hacking possible vulnerable very weak ssl https openSSL secure site hacking possible vulnerable very weak ssl

Heartbleed test
There should not be false results anymore, only “Uh-Oh”s.
If there are problems, head to the FAQ

Enter the hostname of a server to test it for CVE-2014-0160.

Here is some data we pulled from the server memory:
(we put YELLOW SUBMARINE there, and it should not have come back)

([]uint8) {
00000000 02 00 79 68 65 61 72 74 62 6c 65 65 64 2e 66 69 ||
00000010 6c 69 70 70 6f 2e 69 6f 59 45 4c 4c 4f 57 20 53 |lippo.ioYELLOW S|
00000020 55 42 4d 41 52 49 4e 45 88 bb 96 79 d9 6c c3 c2 |UBMARINE…y.l..|
00000030 3e fb 5a 09 e5 aa 16 82 8b fd f5 e7 16 a7 79 d6 |>.Z………..y.|
00000040 48 d1 8a 85 16 7a 41 0c 57 8e f8 56 d7 cd a5 35 |H….zA.W..V…5|
00000050 5b 82 d1 fa 4d 15 c4 a7 ff dd f8 ad 88 b4 80 b2 |[…M………..|
00000060 73 b7 b5 a7 e7 aa 28 c4 32 76 57 d5 0a f5 ca 39 |s…..(.2vW….9|
00000070 bc 9e 8f 77 4b e1 e1 24 c4 4a 9d c3 43 7e 89 bc |…wK..$.J..C~..|
00000080 a3 06 78 bb 6b cb 4d 25 e4 02 ff 57 |..x.k.M%…W|
Please take immediate action!

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Built in a frenzy by Filippo Valsorda. Twitter, Github. <3

Thanks to one contributor.
Subject: ‘Heartbleed’ Bug