Bad ebay buyer seller to stay away calikid949 Daly CA

Here’s another bad ebayer, seller, buyer to stay away. The ebay id is “calikid949”, ebay community and forums, including in some blogs reporting bad ebayers included this ebay member “calikid949”. Based on ebay community forum, undisclosed link for protection of individual and the whole address identity of this ebayer was not disclosed, however the the id# “calikid949” is good enough to notify the public in ebay to know not to do business with this ebay “calikid949” or at least take extra precaution be careful doing business with him or her.

The story goes. Ebay member “calikid949” purchased an item from ebay. Item was received 3 days later based on the tracking# provided. 10 days later buyer gave a negative feedback without even try to reach to the seller. The seller in this case monitored activities and noticed the negative feedback and immediately try to get a hold of the member to see what the problem was because the negative feedback say only not compatible item.

The buyer responded promptly as well saying he’s opening another package to check which does not make sense of what he’s saying in ebay message. Because if he said incompatible item and gave negative feedback, doesn’t it mean that he already opened the item and use it? why is he saying he’s opening it?

Then the seller responded, to give the seller a chance to fix and resolve the issue before putting up negative feedback. The buyer responded to that message, saying he’s waiting for replacement to see, which doesn’t really clearly communicated in ebay message. The seller send the buyer a new cable, this time with proof on youtube videos and pictures to show that it work. Seller send message to buyer with proof that it work, and tracking # and so on. Waiting for buyer to respond.

A couple days passed, the buyer did not respond to the seller or remove the negative feedback. Tracking proof of delivery.

This is an example of bad ebayer. In this case the buyer did not give the seller a chance to fix or resolve the issue before giving negative feedback. The buyer in this case just gave negative feedback without contacting the seller first. This case will hurt both the seller and the buyer. The buyer will be listed as bad ebayer and ebay had communication messages back and forth with the two parties. The buyer probably got flagged as report this buyer. The buyer in this case “calikid949” had about 80 feedback from as a buyer, but the feedback that this buyer gave to other seller are mostly negative. This is what happen when seller dealt with kids, apparently if we pay close attention to the name or ebay member, you will notice the word kid, would you be willing to deal with kids.