DigitalGeneration CG DG manipulates Chat total online users

This was sent in by Luis showing proof one of DigitalGeneration DG CG lied lies at work. DG manipulates Chat total online users, proven below. Thanks Luis.

Name: Luis
Subject: DG manipulates Chat total online users
Message: Total users on chat are manipulated by DG, they multiply the total of online users by 1.7

This script on Google/Firefox console shows the ID and Nickname as well as a count of users:

var value = roomr; var count = 1;
for(var key in value) {

This always gives a total user count 1.7 times less than what DG shows. Source code (javascript) of chat is located here:

And the following 3 lines of code shows the total manipulation:

var ul = Math.round(Object.keys(users).length * 1.7);//:)
roomr = users;
$(\’‪#‎userscount‬\’).text(\’Online: \’+ul);