Cointellect banned members blocked them even with investment?

This could be just an isolated case where a user member to cointellect was blocked as indicated below “Account blocked” by cointellect. The user cannot login, as a result all earning and investment loss.

There are numerous report now that this is happening. Maybe it’s a ramp up prevent fraud, even with credit card verification in place.

Now the credit card verification as many wonders, can the user use any credit card to validate their account? Even with stolen credit card and simply use is to validate the account and start earning? Maybe, but that may not work soon, as cointellect are tracking down fraud.

On the other hand, this could be fraud, where cointellect just make determination to block any accounts they feel like doing so, without prior communication to the member, block first, talk later. Or expect the member to contact cointellect. Now if the member don’t contact cointellect, then most likely the member is a fraud, using fake credit card or something that trigger cointellect action to block the account.

Just be careful! cointellect and many similar HYIP such as hashprofit, can go bankrupt, project failure, or whatever reason they will simply disappear online and nothing anyone can do about it, if you’re lucky your money is within the 45 days or less range to create a case with your bank to get your money. The unlucky ones, into their 2 months contract or less, money loss cannot be recovered. It’s gone. Look at for example.

cointellect banned members blocked even with investment

cointellect banned members blocked even with investment