Cointellect blocked banned all old users account

“In light of” changes occurred on cointellect, now many members suffering the loss of accounts and dogecoin earned. Their account has been blocked banned suspended? Well this is the note captures on one of the forum online. A few people reported their cointellect account has been blocked, banned, suspended, possibly will get deleted, funds stolen, reset to 0.001EUR impossible to withdraw. Cointellect however will always say this “We are willing to work with you to sort things out” Have anyone tried and get a respond for resolution? Maybe, and the respond members may get might be saying members violated TOS, even the TOS was make up and changes every minutes, yeah cointellect reserved the right to change their TOS anytime. Even saying “We now take all your earning” 🙂 Hopefully that’s not the case. I have to say, a lot of people I chat with indicated that cointellect starting to show real face, transparency of the scam start to emerge. Just like eventually shows its real face.

Cointellect blocked all old users account 🙁
Any one facing same problem
The fu*king scammer cointellect banned my account 🙁 I am unable to earn or cashout 🙁