Cointellect changed rule one account per IP for mining

What rules changes next at

Just in a recent days, a couple days ago. Cointellect took action without any warning, stolen miners earnings by reset the earning to 0.0001EUR nightly right before earning payout balance. Cointellect did this for a few days without any announcement or any warnings. Yesterday, the news came out, and cointellect also responded to many support email with a generic respond indicated that they will ban anyone have more than two accounts, what a shocker! huh? legitimate business changed rule over night without any announcement or warning. Previously they said they allow multiple account per users, or users can also combine mining power, but that is no longer valid, cointellect changed to 1 account per user.

One account per user mean? One account per user member, per home address verification, per credit card, per verification, per phone#, and who knows what else they’re checking. Cointellect also indicated immediate ban to anyone even have suspicious activities of creating additional accounts, let alone creating multiple account for one IP address. VPS VMWARE and so on also being targeted, and cointellect indicate to stop using VPS or they will also get bann. One more, anyone using third party miner, meaning if you rent a miner from somewhere and connect to cointellect pool to mine will also get suspended, banned and earnings will get taken away, stolen to be exact.

The sad thing is all happening overnight, in the darkness, without any warnings, without any announcements for many days, until the members voiced their concerns and questions why their earnings disappeared for many days.

cointellect changes rules overnight banned suspended stolen members earnings mined

cointellect changes rules overnight banned suspended stolen members earnings mined