earnings skyrocketed and then dropped tricks

Trick or treat! Halloween coming soon. According to many blogs and forums online. Quite a few people, members of bothing miners and contract purchased people reported strange activities with Especially for members that are mining with ASIC and GPUs.

So what’s the trick with people mining with ASIC and GPUs? well, most of these members reported that at the beginning first day they don’t miner as much dogecoins, then the next couple days later their earning sky rocketed from 14 cent to 1.50EUR and it doesn’t matter what mining speed they’re at. Whether you mined using GPU with 300kh/s or ASIC with 2mh/s, your earning pretty much the same. Well, even when the earning sky rocketed but the max appears for each account to be 1.50EUR around there. However that only last a couple days, and then the earning dropped dramatically from 1.50EURO down to about 0.15EUR.

This strange activities had many speculated that probably managed individual account or so call micro management in the business world. They will spot whom will most likely invest money to buy contract, have money to spend, whom will most likely get them people to buy contract through referrals 10% commission, whom will mine and just mine only. probably put members to certain groups or categories and then managed; manually adjust their earnings and so on. Why would they be doing this? simple! a trick that would get certain group of people to get excited to recruit more members or buy their contract.

Now those members that only mine, even reached their 10EUR limit verification completed, after that, maybe a couple days or few days afterward, the earning of these members dropped dramatically to absolutely no profit and these people will drop out and probably never use cointellect again. However for the other group of members cointellect kept and give them good earning so they can work for cointellect to recruit and invest more and more, before you know it, you’re stuck with a 6 months or 1 year contract. It would take you 3 months to get your ROI back, however we don’t know if will even last another 2 months.

I’ve written blogs about the scam activities of many HYIP operates similar to, and it gets clever every time. Almost seems like from the same scammer. They use fake IDs and bank account stolen from previous scam, to operate new one. It’s very hard for authority to catch up with them, and by the time authority get to them, the program already closed or already fell apart. Money cash had been withdraw and the scammer already get new stolen identity and started a new, but again, it get clever each time. is among the biggest scam, very surprising a lot of people loss money, but didn’t report to the authority, since fear of being stupid, and getting themselves in trouble.

The quickest scam probably, up for a few months of recruiting, ran some fake software, and they ran away closed down a few months after. They sold the email list or identity to That’s the thing, all these scam links together, it’s like a scam club, all the operators appears to be from the same SCAM class room.

Ok folks, that’s it for today. Last words though. For, if you see them being consistent in paying properly for miners, then it is proven stability. However if cointellect kept pushing whatever ways they know how to get you into buying contracts, that’s a red flag of scam. 10 days is ok, 3 to 6 to 9 to 12 months contract is a bad idea. scam tricks members mining good earnings then dropped scam tricks members mining good earnings then dropped