news update break down of sentences

This is reminding me of the Coinbeez and days. More of methodology. News update written in a professional manner, similar to one of the author at, maybe it’s the same person or people whom ran now are running, off course the program root will not be the same! you think they will expose their origin where they coming from for you to see?

Basically starting lately or with the latest news, there will be some transparencies and lies! liar liar your butt crack on fire! as one of the member put it ever time news published from Now it’s becoming clearer of the method is using. I’m not saying cointellect alone, but there are similar one like it, example is another one, it’s worst than cointellect. At least allow 10EUR pocket before manipulating the members to buying a contract, and the contract is where it will get you. works in many ways, one of the famous is to pay you 10EUR for your miner mining. Once you reach 10EUR, they will let earn a few more bucks, but you are being monitored placed in certain groups or categorize in such a way that your earning will get play around with. For those that reached >=10EUR you will notice eventually one day you get pennies for your mining, and one day you will see ready to withdraw amount in whole # dollars or EUR, but few hours later you log in to withdraw it all disappeared, well not really gone, but the earning changes to pennies. This is being done daily.

People also reported that, if they created multiple accounts. For example, once an account reaches close to 9EUR the member created a new account in order to avoid verification. Well guess what? Cointellect said it’s not forbidden, but guess what? they will stole your earning of dogecoins, you will receive from nothing to pennies daily, and they will make you verified with a credit card, so yeah cointellect lied! it’s very clear, they’re no longer being honest or transparent. More to come, stay tuned.

Greetings Miners,


We hope you are all enjoying this wonderfully festive season. As we begin to approach Halloween, we wanted to issue some updates regarding our platform.


E-mail Verification


In recent weeks, we have noticed some users creating multiple accounts. While this is not forbidden, we strongly suggest consolidating your hash rate under a single account. We would also like to emphasize the importance of verifying your email address. Miners with verified email addresses are prioritized when earnings are distributed.


Equipment Update


For those unaware, we placed an order with the high efficiency miner manufacturer Zeus back in September. This order is still on track for delivery during December. As such, we would suggest waiting until mid-December before making any large contract or hardware purchases. We expect to have plenty of units in stock.


CoinMiner Updates


Our development team is currently focusing on optimizing CoinMiner to yield better performance from Radeon and Nvidia graphics card. If you have a background in computer science and are familiar with cryptocurrencies, we urge you to get in touch with us as we are looking to expand our team.


As always, feel free to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this information.


Happy Holidays,

CoIntellect Staff