no longer paying making excuses reasons for not paying

Does this sounds familiar? 🙂 Let me first start by saying for those that got scammed by and by now you would know how they played you. To summarize scam for those that are not familiar, they make excuses for not paying by making up stories, by publishing great news, not just any news, but news that would expect people to believe and trust, but reality is it’s fake.

So what’s going on with at the moment? The same way operated. Bottom line, is not paying doge at the moment, they’re saying technical issue, upgrading, integration and so on. Well folks, anyone whom withdraw or request payout today with don’t expect to see your doge anytime soon, or ever. This is the game these HYIP scam playing you. Pay you good money to spread the good news, good referrals earning and so on. Before you know it, trouble come, then trouble gone, then trouble come again and gone, and the next  you know, the project no longer exist and nothing you can do about it.

Notice the news below. All great! all awesome news! but what’s up with the not paying out? ahh that’s the trick! can’t just publish bad news without a lot of good news huh? Yah. This was how manipulate its members to think the project working hard trying to fix issue and will resume paying, but as time goes by, the funds disappeared, then reappeared but only paid its members pennies on the dollars while trying ripped off more new members. Then eventually not paying anyone, and not a thing anyone can do about it. Some may get lucky through Credit Card companies and got their funds back, if the investment was done 45 days or less ago, older than that bank probably will not engage unless it’s a credible scam.

Stay tuned!

cointellect no longer paying

cointellect no longer paying

Greetings Miners,

In recent weeks, our development team has rolled out a number of new features and bug fixes. We wanted to compile these changes in a newsletter format so our users can easily understand what we changed.

CoIntellect Mobile App (Android & iOS)

CoIntellect’s official mobile application has recently been approved for download in both Google’s Android-based Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store. The CoIntellect BackOffice app makes it easy for anyone to manage their account’s affiliates function.

Apple iOS:


Website Bugs & Updates

Some users have been experiencing a bug where their earnings have accidentally been limited. This issue has since been resolved and legitimate users will no longer be caught in the filter. All honest accounts have had their access restored.

High-efficiency miners (ASIC) have also been affected by a bug where their earnings were limited to 1.5€/day regardless of hash rate. Our development team is currently working on the issue and expects to have it resolved shortly.

Readers should also note that CoIntellect recently changed servers and rolled out support for additional languages. It is recommended all users clear their browser’s cache.

Chrome: Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Clear Browsing Data

Firefox: Options -> Clear Your Recent History -> Details

Bitcoin & SEPA Support, Dogecoin Delays

In our last newsletter we disclosed our plans to offer both Bitcoin and SEPA withdrawals shortly. Since then, we have been hard at work integrating these payment options. As we approach the final stages of integration, it’s likely Dogecoin withdrawals will temporarily be delayed. Once we are finished with integration, both Bitcoin and Dogecoin payments will be available for instant withdrawal as usual. In the mean time, we recommend not withdrawing via Dogecoin until we are finished with the process.

PayPal Requests

It has come to our attention that some users have been requesting funds directly from our merchant PayPal account. These requests are unnecessary and will be discarded as they are considered spam. All withdrawal requests should be made from your CoIntellect user dashboard.

New Year Excitement

As we approach the beginning of a new year, we want our users to know that we have many exciting projects and events planned for the coming months. We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to the continued expansion of the platform.


CoIntellect Staff