ordered zeus miner? really? liar!

A few people from #dogecoin IRC chat room, some chatters even have some connections to the ZEUS ASIC manufacture staff themselves indicated that for many months now Zeus has been hold off on manufacturing their products. If this is true, how can cointellect said the below update? simple answer! similar to in the old days, lie, lied, lies, liart! News similar to below to keep people motivated to buy into their contracts, trap you in their contracts long term, before you know it, all your money from cointellect got reinvested and all disappeared.

Below news as you can see cointellect say they ordered some equipment and ask people to wait LOL what a joke, this really got me cracking laughing. The truth is, IRC chat room #dogecoin go in there and ask people about cointellect you will see answers immediately of what cointellect is and what cointellect long term position, to keep it short, “scam scam scam” Now if you go read news from coindesk, “ZeusMiner’s Sudden Hardware Halt” a couple days ago, but Zeus plan actually was many months ago no new hardware manufacture or development not even orders. It’s funny of what cointellect are saying about ordering new hardware asic, but look at the real news coming out of the manufacture cointellect claim they ordered LOL 🙂 go search for news on “ZeusMiner’s Sudden Hardware Halt” you will see. More to come folks on it’s becomming

Equipment Update


For those unaware, we placed an order with the high efficiency miner manufacturer Zeus back in September. This order is still on track for delivery during December. As such, we would suggest waiting until mid-December before making any large contract or hardware purchases. We expect to have plenty of units in stock.