website has been down offline since last night for many people

First I would like to say that there is a person in Facebook that have a dozen Cointellect facebook fanpage, his name nickname on Facebook is Cointellect, probably among the first that joined Cointellect and probably made some good earning by now. This person has been promoting Cointellect, some speculated that this person might have some tied to Cointellect staff or its operation. Some think this person just like a member that promote Cointellect to get big commission, we don’t know. However what we do know is Cointellect is falling apart, not paying and making up reasons for not paying and manipulate members new and old to give them more money.

Now back to Cointellect website. has not been loading correctly, it’s loading then crashed, then timed out, then eventually no longer accessible. This is the same method Coingeneration was using before it went totally scam. It is one of the many method that these type of ponzi scheme are doing to prevent being exposed to scam, instead finding ways to make it realistic in order to keep the members continue to have faith and continue to invest. However what really happening is, this is the last stage or phase where Cointellect will prepare for an exit plan. This and many others ponzi scam scheme like it will always uses its last resources methods to get as much money as possible before disappearing, and off course they’re going to denied it just like Coingeneration.

Here are some facts about Cointellect that defined them as ponzi scheme scam.

  1. Program start out paying consistently, but only for several to few months.
  2. No known hash speed would indicate from Cointellect, so Mining Pool probably don’t even exist, just within their domain, not contributing to the whole network, manipulated for fake earning.
  3. Mining Contract profit similar to Coingeneration layout of profit.
  4. Taking advantage of Holiday to prevent withdrawal by charging 20% fees temporary, LIED. The 20% fees continue on for Saturday and 30% fees on Sunday. Now the fees are everyday.
  5. Dogecoin instant payout announced, LIED. Didn’t last for 4 hours then no longer going through, all Payout pending. This is even with the 20% fees still not going through.
  6. Members are reporting Paypal never went thru, for 2 to 3 weeks.
  7. Cryptopay stopped working, then re-enabled for higher tier investors to withdraw, LIED. Cryptopay still did not work.
  8. Bitcoin Expo 2015, sponsor as Mining, this is just a gimmick as last ditch effort to get more investors, keeping the members having faith to invest. It’s not hard to get on the list of any sponsor, often time the Expo don’t even question the credibility of the sponsorship or identity.
  9. Cointellect Mining Pool issue? LIED. The Cointellect Mining Pool was manipulated so that members cannot earn much money. In fact the Cointellect Mining Pool don’t even exist on global network hash rate. Unknown maybe? don’t think so.
  10. Now the website is offline, and it might be off and on, just to prevent members from clicking on request payout earning and so on.
  11. Cointellect have more tricks under their sleeves coming soon just to get more money from people. Either they’re trying to get back what was indeed real loss, or simply get more money to their pocket before running away.