Cointellect discouragements

By now anyone whom been into cointellect would noticed many changes, many problems, and I hope people thinking of cointellect better do their homework. Now especially for the Bitcoin Expo 2015 indication of Cointellect as mining sponsor better check the background of Cointellect and current activities before accept cointellect as its mining sponsor.

Cointellect been having too much problems with mining pool. Then now with payout earning not being paid or paid very slow 12-24 hours and sometime missing payout.

Cointellect goals appears to be discouragements people from mining with computers CPU, GPU, ASIC or whatever equipment user have. The discourage became transparent when cointellect published news and support responded posted all over the internet indication of mining pool problems continue to not working, but contract mining not affected. Another indication of discouragement cointellect members is asking users to buy contract, the profit is more than mining, mining appears to be a gimmick for members to buy in the contract to trust that’s its legit.

Cointellect appears to be loosing investors, as a result cannot keep up with the payout and has to resort to alternatives strategies to get more investors or somehow to limit the payout by increasing the problems with the pool indefinitely, it’s one of the way cointellect are doing to not paying or limit payout up to half or less or none payout, so the blame would be on mining pool.