Cointellect hasn’t been making payments for days and counting

The news published by Cointellect are misleading, not to the point on reason why Payout cannot be made. Like many people know, at the beginning of any HYIP project, payout are fast and consistent. As time goes by, trouble emerges, this is the time to stop investing and pull out.

Many people hope that Cointellect is not the had done similar project which claimed itself as not HYIP, it is same as Cointellect today. However not within 6 months fall apart and uses whatever advantage it can take to make up stories and delay payout for them to withdraw all the money to cash and ran away. That’s exactly what happened with, and they started scam again, then started also another scam again by Now cointellect, many people also speculated from the same scammers that ran, we don’t have proof, although the similarities are there.

People still have hope that cointellect is not another scam, it appears to be at the moment because it cannot make payout. Most think because of the Bitcoin value dropped and cointellection are not making any profit to payout. Cointellect not being transparent about this financial difficulties on making payout, some speculate that cointellect are hoping for cryptocoins such as BTC to rise so they can make payout. If these assumption are true then cointellect is another HYIP similar to except with real mining pool, although manipulated earning.

Don’t expect cointellect to live long, it will fall apart fast if Bitcoin price don’t go up to at least $320 anytime soon. Expect more stories to be published by cointellect given reasons why they cannot make payout. It’s becoming like