Cointellect manipulating members to purchase big mining contract

Based on other blogs and forums, including reddit, people are voicing their opinion on Cointellect business practice mostly negatives.

After reviewing all those comments, there are 90% negatives, a staggering increased from several months ago which was 90% positive feedback in regard to Cointellect. I strongly believe that Cointellect is struggling, and yes Bitcoin does have an impact to their operations, although clearly many people already knew Cointellect not being transparent on what exactly they’re trying to do, it’s an obvious Ponzi Scam scheme that did 2013-2014, didn’t last 3 months, then same thing happen like Cointellect today.

What Cointellect trying to do today is to get more investors by manipulating members new and old to invest more. For example, if you purchased Mining Contract 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, chances are you will not get paid and Cointellect. Cointellect will say that only 6 months Mining Contract or higher will get paid. With that being said, people with greater than 6 months contract are not getting paid either. Cointellect just want the the new members and members that don’t invest to start investing.

Apparently it’s a ponzi scam scheme that required new investors or continuous flow of money coming in to pay for the existing investors. When the money stop, problems such as what we’ve already seen from Cointellect start to grow, more issues, making up stories, new strategies, taking advantage of real life issues to delay payout or not paying at all.

I urge people that purchased Cointellect Mining Contract via credit card to contact their bank as soon as possible to file dispute against Cointellect, get your money back before it’s too late to open a dispute. For those that invested with Bitcoin, you’re out of luck, no one can help you, not even FBI POLICE or anyone.