Cointellect mining pool done wrong!

Many people whom joined cointellect to mine will most likely get discouraged. Cointellect minig done right? ERRRR WRONG! Cointellect slogan should change to Cointellect Mining done wrong!

For the past couple of weeks, cointellect mining pools disconnected miners anytime it want to and reconnect will yield same result, cannot connect, timed out, mining software crashed, or mine for free. There is no way around it, except to buy mining contract from cointellect. All these trouble with the mining pool tied to cointellect want you to pay them money, cointellect wants your money in their pocket.

All these time Cointellect mining pool were simply a gimmicks giving you $10 free, not free if you killed your computer or pay for electricity. The gimmicks eventually get you into paying cointellect money, not you getting paid. Hopefully many people are realizing this now, not falling for the tricks cointellect have more to come.

Cointellect is no different than and many more. It’s getting more clever. Cointellect is a much clever than its previous scammer such as although coingeneration paid a larger payout than cointellect with only $10, used to pay $30 free. In any case, already turned scam many months ago. Cointellect up and running probably same month as started, in April and fall apart during Holidays weeks, and after that just stories teller, making up stories taking full advantage of whatever situation available.

Members whom had been mining at cointellect using their CPU, GPU, ASIC, might want to turn it off now, you will not make any money because of the mining pool issue will disconnect you or connected you to mine only 10 cent a day or nothing at all. You will be wasting more money on electricity than earning with cointellect. Yes, many people earned good money with cointellect few weeks ago, but not now, and not ever anytime from now on because the scam started. The scam transparency had started for cointellect.