Cointellect mining pool problems again

I just came across many cointellect members reporting issues with cointellect mining pool. It is the same problem that happened for 4-5 days last week.

This appears to coincide with cointellect announced 30% fee for week end earning withdrawal. At first, cointellect said 30% fee is temporary for holidays week only. Then now 30% will be on week end also.

Cointellect did not mention much about what happening to the mining pool. There wasn’t any official updates on the status of the mining pool. When members sent email to support@cointellect the respond given was “we’re aware of cointellect mining pool issue … contract mining are not effected …”

Interesting ” … contract mining are not effected …” so which pool is cointellect contract mine on? it’s funny to think about cointellect responses to that. So is there another pool cointellect connected to, to mine for contract members? I highly doubt. Any members can look into the dashboard, and notice the available hash rate for contract buying, how does that being calculated?

The bottom line is cointellect business is still very suspicious, it’s not totally transparent. I hope that Bitcoin Expo and others whom are taking cointellect as their sponsor investigate cointellect business, ensure it’s not a scam which can ruin Bitcoin reputation, be as transparent as possible.

My personal opinion on cointellect mining pool issue have to do with manual intervention. Cointellect manipulate the pool functionality to limit the earning. It’s a baby step that cointellect are doing to slowly get members to start buying contract earning. Notice the key word ” … contract mining are not affected …” Eventually mining for members will disappear or so much problems mining at cointellect pool that members just dropped off totally, the majority probably will use the earning to buy contract, the rest will not fall the scheme.