Cointellect Mining Pool still have connectivity issue for miners

People whom have CPU, GPU and ASIC connecting to Cointellect Mining Pool will see problems with connectivity to the pool. Timed out, Not responding, Waiting for Work, Rejected, Disconnected permanently are some of the example errors users encountered.

No, there isn’t any news updates about the continuous issue with cointellect mining pool. A while back, cointellect did post update indicated its under DDOS attack, but not recently, although many pools are being DDOS, it’s different story though with those other pools. Cointellect mining pool doesn’t shows up as public pool or its hash rate being transparent on dogechain or blockchain for dogecoin mining if it is dogecoin.

Many cointellect members speculated that Cointellect manually manipulated the pool in this manner to deter members from earning full amount for certain day or days or more days more often than not. Cointellect main purpose appears to be getting members to buy contract mining instead of mining themselves. The mining operation at cointellect for members simply a way of getting the members to see the profit, so that the members don’t have too much questions about contract mining profit. Sadly a lot of people fail for this trick and bought into it.

With cointellect rules kept on changing overnight, mining pool problems and 30% fee are the latest suspicious activities with cointellect. Mining pool for members has problems, but mining contract have no problem, isn’t that strange.