Cointellect Mining Pool working properly only on weekdays?

According to many members of cointellect miners, they’ve confirmed that it appears that in the weekdays (business days), cointellect mining pool works properly without issues like not responding. During the week end, cointellect mining pool doesn’t works properly, or if it’s working at all.

So on top of the 30% fee during week end, now Cointellect Mining Pool doesn’t appears to be working on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) either. There wasn’t any announcements foreseen. The miners had to figure it out themselves or so they thought based on the pattern of cointellect minig pools problems.

The Cointellect mining pool problems pattern is, weekends problems, weekdays (business day) no problem, holidays problem, 30% fee for earning withdrawal on weekends, 30% fee earning withdrawal for holidays. These were unexpected rules implemented by Cointellect, what’s next? Decreased earning for miners? Mandatory¬†30% or more¬†fees for under 10 Euro earning? Earning can only be withdraw via cryptopay, no more Dogecoin withdrawal? We don’t know. But, why are Cointellect doing this? simple answer would be to force members in buying contract mining since it have no problems for now.

Cointellect still classifieds as suspicious under my radar.