Cointellect Payout backlog are piling up no way can it pay members in full

It has been 3 days and counting Cointellect has not been making payout. Except maybe the cryptopay high investors, not sure if that’s true or went thru actually. For sure none of the Cointellect members whether you’re mining or purchased contract, you’re not getting paid. Payments of earning are in Cointellect Wait for Executed status for 3 days and counting.

With this enormous backlog, there is no way Cointellect can make payout to everyone in full. The backlog will keeps on piling up higher and higher, the payout will be pennies if any. This is so much like operations.

Highly recommend people whom invested or purchased contract using Credit Card to start filing dispute against Cointellect to at least your investment back, however if you’re this, chances are you will get your money back, but more than likely your account with Cointellect will get suspended, your IP address, name, phone #, email address, everything tied to you all account will get suspended. Well the good news is you will get your money back 🙂 the bad news will be if Cointellect still alive for longer time then you will missed out on the earning. However chances are a fallout will happen very soon with Cointellect.

No way the amount of backlog payout Cointellect can be executed anytime soon, it is money laundering if it does. People should have seen this coming as I’ve already mention same business concept as with cointellect.