Cointellect scam yet? how about 30% hold on your dogecoin?

*** The 30% fee is an actual fee cointellect will charge, not temporary hold***

Cointellect just published latest news in regard to Payouts will be delayed during the Holidays. Or is it? scam starting now? year 2015 is the end of cointellect? no one know but will have to wait and see, just the price of Bitcoin, is it $100 yet? is it $1000 yet? sounds like a little kid sitting in the back seat going for a ride with their parents huh?

Well based on the news below. There is one thing that members of cointellect need to pay attention and probably need to confirm the action being taken here. Reading the news, the statement said “a temporary fee (up to 30%) will be imposed on Dogecoin withdrawals” this mean that starting today or whenever maybe next week or tomorrow you will see that your earning loss 30%, sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Yes did the same thing to its members when it started to become a scam. took advantage of special days, special cases, whatever it can take advantage on to not paying its members, then eventually pay a little bit like $1 or $2 here and there using whatever news troubles issues it may have to make it a legitimate reason for not paying or paying just a couple dollars instead of hundreds earned by members. Those that joined coinbeez and so on will know what I’m talking about. What I’m trying to do here is trying to show you the symptoms, the sign, of scams. Be careful in the next few days, few weeks, few months. Those that plan to invest in contract, might want to hold of on it and do your home work.

Let ask yourself a question. Why imposed 30% hold? does it make sense because of Christmas and New Year week? been paying consistently even on week end and holidays, why now? why now imposed a hold? what makes Christmas and New Year so different than other holiday such as 4th of July Thanksgiving and so on, they’re still paying, why stop now? why impose 30% and will members get the 30% afterward or will there be issues. Making up more stories like

Or is this is a trick!? yes read it carefully on the news. This impact to account that earned less than 10EUR. So if you want to withdraw full amount earning, you need to have at least 10EUR in balance, this mean you have to invest in the 300EUR contract or a buy a contract that can earn you this rate in order to withdraw.

cointellect not paying members full amount holding 30% imposed

cointellect not paying members full amount holding 30% imposed

PayPal payouts during Holidays Schedule

Published at Dec 20, 2014 3:56:28 PM
Greetings Miners,

We hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. We wanted to take some time and quickly review the upcoming holiday payout schedule. As you all know, CoIntellect is only able to process PayPal requests during business days. Many of the days between December 24th and January 1st are recognized internationally as holidays. As a result, users can expect their PayPal withdrawals to be temporarily delayed. Payouts will resume normally after January 1st. It should also be noted that CryptoPay bank transfers will also be experiencing the same delays.

We advise miners to take advantage of either the Dogecoin or Bitcoin withdrawal options. However, readers should note that a temporary fee (up to 30%) will be imposed on Dogecoin withdrawals (on amounts under 10€) until the holiday week has passed. This in place to limit a large volume of Dogecoin withdrawals. If your request is urgent, we advise waiting until after January 1st or withdrawing via Bitcoin through CryptoPay.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact support.


CoIntellect Staff