yes off course it’s a another ponzi scam

The most well know strategies to outsmart these types of ponzi scheme scam is to invest one time and never to look back, but guess what? not too many people can do that. Everyone are as greedy as anyone else, once you get your return of investment, some say they can stop, but why? stop with that small amount of money for what? so in the end they reinvest the money and kept on reinvesting. The next thing they know is the website no longer exist and nothing you can do about it.

For many others, their strategies involves large amount of investment the first, it’s double for nothing, and most of the time they get nothing back because the program having trouble paying certain people with large investment.

Then the very famous strategy is to refers victims to the ponzi scam website and get paid big commission similar to with a whopping 20% commission members cannot resist that commission and kept on sending more people to get scammed, even getting their family and friends scammed.

How long does these ponzi scam live depend on the amount of money flowing in and out, if one day the amount in is not that great and the owner no longer have fund to make payout, the program will have trouble paying and will fall apart. However if the program is lucky enough keeps on getting reinvestment and new investors investing then it will live longer, but for sure, will never live long, could be weeks, possibly months, but for sure not a year. The website might still be there to scam, but many already knew it’s a scam and they will not bother, some just don’t do enough homework and got in loss all their money.